Sam's Dinner


What happens when wise-ass comments are exchanged and someone carries through

Well, it all started with an innocent little promise for one to take the other out to dinner. "Where, at McDonalds?" "Yeah, in Paris, maybe."

Well, this obviously isn't Paris, and dinner wasn't at McDeath's.

We never had a chance to go into Edinburgh Castle because we waited too long. Something to do on the next trip. :)

Dinner was at The Witchery. It's located right next door to the Scotch Whisky Heritage Center on Castlehill, just outside the entrance to Edinburgh Castle. If you like really good food and aren't too restricted on your budget, check this place out. Dress is casual but neat... I'd feel a bit underdressed in jeans. The wine list is the size of a bible. You will spend money in this place... but it's worth every penny you'll spend.

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